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Western Montana is home to the  Bitterroot Mountain Range. This majestic area is rugged with streams feeding mountain lakes. Montana West Outfitters has drop camps setup across a wide range to provide the best possible hunting adventure. 



  • Guided Rifle Season Hunt 

  • Guided Archery Season Hunt

Drop Camp Site Reservations

Guided Draw Tag Hunts

  • Archery and Rifle

  • Mountain Lion

  • Moose

  • Sheep

  • Goat


ELK Hunting

Hunting Elk has been my primary focus for many years. Shed hunting to know where the largest bulls are located. Camp area preparation in the off season to ensure ease of access and a well organized base. Services are designed to provide the best experience based on your preference.


*Prices based per week 

Single Hunter


Dual Hunter

$3900 Per Person

Drop Camp


*4 Person Minimum

Semi Guided Hunt


4 Person Hunt

$3500 Per Person


Please Call for Rates

(406) 531-6700

Big Game Hunting


*Prices based per week 

Big game in Montana often requires a special draw tag permit. Getting these tags may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Montana West Outfitters is dedicated to give hunters the best chance at taking advantage of these special permits.

Mountain Lion              $5900

Special Draw Tag         $6300

  • Bear

  • Moose

  • Mountain Goat

  • Big Horn Sheep



Some of my favorite of the adventures

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Hunting License

What To Bring

  • Sighted Rifle with Scope

    • Appropriate caliber and load​

  • Season Appropriate Clothing

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Hiking Gear

This is an extremely physical outdoor experience involving hiking in rough terrain.

Provided by Montana West Outfitters

  • Airport Taxi

  • Lodging during Hunt

  • Food during Hunt


P.O. Box 1041

Darby, MT 59829



Tel: (406) 531-6700


I grew up in Northern Idaho and Montana. As the son of a logger and trophy hunter, I have intimate knowledge of the area where I currently live in Darby. 

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